Territory Development Agency


Territory Development Agency provides expert assistance in planning of the territory development.

Investments come where there is an environment for that. Where there is a strategy and priorities of social and economic development!

For effective development planning Territory Development Agency offers:

  • Developmental strategy for the territory;
  • Production of planning documentation, taking into account the development priorities of the territory;
  • Creation of the programs and local development plans;
  • Assistance in writing proposals for attracting private investment and funds from international donors and foundations/

Territory Development Agency is an expert in public-private partnership

We provide cooperation between local authorities, governments and private partners for successful implementation of mutually beneficial projects.

Public-private partnership allows develop the infrastructure of the area in several times faster, better and even with significant budgetary savings.

Benefits for local authorities to attract private partners to projects in communities:

  • Investments into joint enterprises;
  • Consolidated transfer of responsibilities and risks;
  • Improving life quality and well-being of the community. 

Territory Development Agency administrates project and is responsible for its quality implementation till the end!

Territory Development Agency offers

 For Investors:

  • Provision of substantial objects database for investment: land, buildings, projects, etc;
  • Help in selecting the investment area;
  • Development of the concept and business plan of the project;
  • Enforcement functions of the management company for the development and the economic activities of industrial parks;
  • Quality support in obtaining administrative services and permits.

 For Communities:

  • Social development, infrastructure and environmental projects of the territory;
  • Search for sources for funding projects and programs;
  • Promotion of investment attractiveness;
  • Methodological & legal assistance for organizations to provide quality administrative services.

During administration of the project Territory Development Agency offers:

  • Obtaining of initial data for design;
  • Conduction of research and survey activities;
  • Legal and information support to the project of participants;
  • Evaluation of objects and lands;
  • Production of construction documents and its examination;
  • Organization of procurement of goods, works and services;
  • Field and technical supervision;
  • Execution of construction works;
  • Quality training contracts;
  • PR-campaign in media.

Attraction of investments

In recent years due to intensive development of certain communities, it became apparent that the growth of the national economy has growth of the local economy.

At the same time, local communities which can not attract external capital, information and knowledge and efficient use of it, remain far behind. Therefore, to improve competitiveness of your community, we suggest: 

  • Drafting of community development (economic, infrastructural, environmental, energy);
  • Search funding sources for the project;
  • Organization and coordination of cooperation with state and national funds.


Grant activities

Due to active participation of the international community in developing democracy and Ukraine in general, grants from international funds have now become one of the most common ways of raising funds in the community.

To use these funding sources Territory Development Agency organizes interaction with representatives of international financial and technical assistance, preparation of proposals, and provides exercises and trainings. 


Territory Development Agency performs for your project professional legal support:

  • Negotiations with partners and conflict resolution;
  • Advice on the correct application of the law;
  • Representation of project participants in the courts of all levels;
  • Support of operations related to real estate;
  • Obtaining permits;
  • Preparation of contracts in business.

Territory Development Agency  provides information and analytical support to partnership projects

Our team of experts has experience in large-scale PR-campaign in social media, networking with journalists and the media.

Territory Development Agency offers:

  • Thematic seminars and exercises to improve legal knowledge and practical skills in project management;
  • Development and production of manuals and guidelines;
  • Informing partners about changes in legislation relating to their activities;
  • Analysis of investment and grant programs in Ukraine, Europe and the world;
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive advertising and informational programs, aimed at developing and improving of the enterprises territories investment attractiveness.

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